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Level 3 Certificate in People Practice from the CIPD

Through CIPD Level 3 Learning and Development, you will acquire both theoretical and practical knowledge of all fundamental human resource management techniques. No prior knowledge is assumed in these classes. Gaining practical knowledge of the duties of an administrator or assistant in human resources, learning and development, or organizational development can help you build useful abilities.

You must finish all four modules in order to receive the CIPD Foundation Certificate in People Practice at Level 3.

What services does CIPD Level 3 provide?

It is the perfect foundational course for anyone looking to improve their practical people management (HR, L&D, and OD) skills. You can earn your CIPD foundation membership and a globally acknowledged CIPD qualification with the help of this qualification.

For 2023, a brand-new set of CIPD certifications is now accessible. Learn about the changes made to the Certificate in People Practice and how it differs from the former CIPD Level 3 Diploma.

Who is it for?

The training is intended for those who are new to HR or who are already employed in HR support roles.

What degree will I receive?

Level 3 Certificate in People Practice from the CIPD

When will it be finished?

In most cases, eight to twelve months

Learners must successfully complete all four of the essential core units in order to receive the CIPD Level 3 Foundation Certificate in People Practice.

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